The three main high-level objectives of SEINIT are:

  • Providing a trusted and dependable security framework, ubiquitous,
    working across multiple devices, heterogeneous networks, organisation
    independent and centred around an end-user
  • Maintaining an adequate security level without infringing a user’s right to privacy
  • Developing a security approach “closer to real life”

The main technological work covers:

  • design and development of new components for this security framework
    integration of these components with trials on suitable assessment platforms
  • deployment of anomaly detection systems to detect security breaches
    IPv6 issues
  • mobility issues
  • specific security issues of ambient intelligence or smart spaces

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Designing Advanced network Interfaces for the Delivery and
Administration of Location independent, Optimised personal Services.
Mobility has become a central aspect of the lives of European citizens in business, education, and leisure. The rapid technological and societal changes and the bewildering emergence of numerous new services has created a complex environment for network operators and a confusing situation for end users. The enhancement of existing technologies and development of new Beyond 3G systems will increase this complexity even more. Daidalos will lead the fundamental rethinking of network architectures that is necessary to create a new generation of user-centred manageable communication infrastructure for the future. The Daidalos vision is to seamlessly integrate heterogeneous network technologies that allow network operators and service providers to offer new and profitable services, giving users access to a wide range of personalised voice, data, and multimedia services. 46 partners from industry and academia are ambitiously working to achieve this vision.

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