The activity of the centre will be supported by the active networking
equipment and software prototypes that make up an integrated testbed in
the TSSG. These facilities (detailed in the descriptions below) have been
built up over a number of years, most recently with SFI support for a
joint PI programme on autonomic communications.

Based in the TSSG this interconnects to the partner sites via HEAnet, the
Irish National Research and Education Network (NREN), who are also a
partner. HEAnet also have both IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity to the European
research network G√ČANT and also to other NRENs peering at its PoP in New
York, such as Internet 2, Ca*net, SINET and TWAREN. It also exchanges IPv6
traffic with ISPs at INEX. In addition HEAnet has negotiated a
dual-stacked (IPv4 and IPv6) transit service from a major Tier 1 provider
operating in Dublin. All of this provides a platform for wider trials.

BT Ireland has offered access to the BT Exact testbed laboratories in UK
that can provide more fully featured tests and trials.

The aim is to use the centre’s partner base, under TSSG leadership, to
secure additional funding to support the exploitation of this rich human
and physical resource set, and to support the Irish IPv6 Task Force.

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